Listen Local Challenge
Greetings from the docks! If you are reading this then we think you must agree with us that local music is the lifeblood of a good community. All a good local scene needs is a few cool venues and a lot of creative local talent. Right now Marin has both; but both need your support to continue thriving. With the cost of shows of famous bands at large venues skyrocketing over the last decade, local bands are more important than ever before. For less than you pay for a parking pass at Shoreline Amphitheatre, you could buy a ticket to a show and a CD from a local band. Plus, the twenty bucks will make a real difference to the local musicians and fuel their further contributions to our local scene.
You see, local bands are made up of local people who are part of our community. They are our friends and neighbors, waiters and bartenders, doctors and lawyers, salesmen and women, and everything else you can think of in our community. Some are struggling to make a living off of their art alone, but most have to work “day jobs”. When you come to see them for ten or twenty dollars at a local club, they appreciate both having a room full of people to play for and making a few bucks so they can keep creating. And if you really like them, walk up to them after the show and tell them! Try doing that with Keith Richards.
Now I hear you objecting, "But Sam, we never know where to go and what bands to see. Sure it’s more expensive to see the Stones but we know what we are going to get.” And yes, you are correct, but I am here to take that trouble away. Throughout the Summer, we are going to send out a Listen Local Marin Series of ten bands, venues, and/or events that will make you swear off ever paying more than $20 for a show.

And I, Sam Flot, challenge you to attend at least FIVE of these ten events. Five shows over the next five months in Marin. You will make a difference in your community and qualify as a genuine part of the scene. For those of you who want a reward for your efforts, send us photographic proof that you attended at least five of these shows and we will send you a CD from the Floating Records artist of your choice. Make it to eight shows and we will send you two. And for those of you who are like us and will see them all, we will send you a CD from TEN Floating Records artists and induct you in our Floating Records Hall of Fame for 2015.

Listen Local and support our creative community.

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Still Available, a wonderful viewing experience:

Peter Rowan Documentary

There are only a few Blue Grass Boys still around that played with the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe. Peter Rowan was a Blue Grass Boy in the 1960s for only a short time, but Bill's influence and musical knowledge still resonates with Peter. Even as he branched out into his own music after leaving Bill's band, his bluegrass roots were never far away. This portrait of Peter expands beyond his music to his artistic and spiritual endeavors spanning four decades, giving the viewer an in-depth look at a true legend within our Americana musical history. His lyrical quality and melodies are memorable, and Peter influenced the next generation of musicians, sharing what Monroe taught him and what he has learned while being a troubadour and traveling the world.

South 40 Films and Floating Records produced The Tao of Bluegrass - A Portrait of Peter Rowan. The film was accepted and screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October 2013 to a sold out show.  We were thrilled to have it in front of an audience that appreciated Peter's talents and to have Peter there with us.
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