Marble Party - "Plush Up"

Congratulations are in order to Marble Party for their latest release, "Plush Up." Their sophomore effort, it represents a notable evolution in the band’s sound and songwriting since their 2012 debut, "Lyle." It has a great, original feel - indie rock, but with a touch of 60's Brit pop and a hint of psychedelia. It's rockin’, melodic, punchy, and concise. The songs are heavy on hooks, and recall early indie rock pioneers R.E.M. and The Rembrandts. 
The album was recorded and produced entirely by the band themselves in their home studio. Mixing engineer Adam Muñoz of Fantasy Studios in Berkeley helped give the album a smooth, big sound, with mastering engineer Ken Lee putting on the finishing touches and final polish. This is a truly killer collection of original material on par with the best of 'em in rock & roll. Something that puts Marin county back on the rock & roll map.

Watershed: Music Inspired by the Place that Connects Us

Produced by Carla Koop as a fundraiser for the Gallinas Watershed Council, this collection of mostly original songs by folk, pop and bluegrass musicians all celebrate water and watersheds. Some tunes convey the movement and energy of a stream in the music itself, while others address the impacts of human activity and development on our valuable and often threatened waterways and wetlands


The brain-child of Floating Records founder Don Zimmer, Floating Records Orchestra is a testament both to the vibrant Marin County music scene, and the collaborative community that is growing up around the label itself.
The genesis for FRO’s latest release, an experimental "Americana Operetta" called West Virginia, occurred in the late 90’s when Don cut three tracks with bassist Dave Coltrara (Delta Wires) and drummer Scott Amendola (Charlie Hunter Trio, Nels Cline Singers). After simmering on the back burner for over a decade, Don decided to revisit those recordings, which suggested a loose storyline. With the addition of some more recent compositions, he fit the pieces together into a narrative that recalls the classic mythological hero’s journey, presented in the context of contemporary Americana...continued HERE

Buried Treasure!
We followed the map
We dug in the sand
Now we've got treasure
In our hot little hands!
We dig up too much great music not to share, so we'll be periodically featuring FREE streams and downloads of select singles from the artists in the Floating Records Diaspora. For our first installment, we bring you "Donde Esta El Mar Es Un Lago", a brand new track from Pro Leisure


There are only a few Blue Grass Boys still around that played with the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe. Peter Rowan was a Blue Grass Boy in the 1960s for only a short time, but Bill's influence and musical knowledge still resonates with Peter. Even as he branched out into his own music after leaving Bill's band, his bluegrass roots were never far away. This portrait of Peter expands beyond his music to his artistic and spiritual endeavors spanning four decades, giving the viewer an in-depth look at a true legend within our Americana musical history. His lyrical quality and melodies are memorable, and Peter influenced the next generation of musicians, sharing what Monroe taught him and what he has learned while being a troubadour and traveling the world.

South 40 Films and Floating Records produced The Tao of Bluegrass - A Portrait of Peter Rowan. The film was accepted and screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October 2013 to a sold out show.  We were thrilled to have it in front of an audience that appreciated Peter's talents and to have Peter there with us.
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