Drawing from the heart and soul of American music, Calafia's sound is a unique blend of hard-driving honky-tonk rock and roll, blues-based romps, saloon-era boogie woogies, and plaintive, bittersweet country ballads. They have been gaining popularity in the bay area with their consistently powerful and inventive live performances, original song-writing, and signature sound. With a deep love for the music they make together evident in their spirited playing, Calafia creates a wholly original mosaic of American music.

GENRE: Americana, Country Rock

Fiver Brown, Pete Kartsounes,Gigi Love,
Fiver Brown and The Good Sinners

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The latest and greatest record from Alternative Western Rockers Calafia!


Sacred Profanities is the self-produced, debut album from Calafia. It arrives on the heels of a series of hazy days the band spent tucked away in their Oakland Hills recording studio. At its heart, Sacred Profanities is a patchwork of Americana; Calafia tips its hat to its musical influences – Merle Haggard, Tom Petty, Gram Parsons, Hank Williams, The Rolling Stones and many others – while creating a unique, signature sound.

The blues romp "Sheets to The Wind" kicks off the album in high fashion, spinning a tale of a night on the town. "Stayin' Single" keeps the honky-tonk tradition alive, and "For Cryin' Out Loud" is a classic pedal steel-drenched lament from the depths of a lonesome heart. Homage is paid to country heroes in "Dead Ends," reminding us that those old stalwarts are always close by for comfort when one finds himself down and out. “Crazy Over You” and the aptly-titled “Dead Guys & Steel Guitars” put a fresh
spin on roots-rock while "Your House is Burning Down" swirls and snarls with electric guitar, organ, and pedal steel, working its way to a frantic explosion that might well be dubbed “acid-country.” The sparse intensity of "You Take it Too Hard," the album's final track, showcases a band that is at once brash yet sincere, leaving the listener wondering where Calafia's muse will lead it next.



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