genre: jazztronica
Freaktet wants to take you around the block, through a back alley, show you an ordinary door and teach you a secret knock that gets you into a lounge full of degenerates, sailors, lounge lizards, and failed gurus. The music in this dimly lit, warm, and vivacious place must of course take you somewhere else -- and these guys certainly do that.

Founded out of the ashes of the popular Bay Area band Tree o' Frogs, F
reaktet takes you deep into a jazztronica soundscape created by it's tightly knit quartet of members:

Rich Alfieri: Bass
Joe Colgan: Guitar & Electronics
Tony Dunn: Drums and various other hittable things
Michael Myers: Saxophones, Flute, Wind Synthesizer, & Electronics

And for their album 'Obey My Dog,' Freaktet added some of the Bay Area's finest musicians to add some extra color and heat -- namely, Mike Rinta on trombone, Ralph Carney on baritone sax, Andrea Terry on accordian, and the late, great Kaya the dog on vocals, er, howling.

Although the music rarely veers into the absurd (except when completely necessary, of course), the album's title (taken from a line in the cult classic movie 'Zoolander') and several of its song titles show the band's sense of humor and proclivity to not take themselves too seriously. But put a pair of headphones on, and dive into this music, and and you'll find it takes you places, in a serious goddamn way. 

This music was recorded on two-inch tape, and mixed down to 1/2 inch tape, all in San Francisco, at studios with all vintage, analog equipment. There was no automation, and no Pro-Tools trickery. What you get here is the real deal, and a glimpse at a new sonic reality that could only come these four musicians.

PS -  throwback to days of yore, this album is meant to be listened to as an album -- the songs flow from one to another, in many cases without gap. Best happy enjoyment shall come from listening to it as intended!

Freaktet - Obey My Dog