Flying Dutchmen 1993

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.. THE FLYING DUTCHMEN The Flying Dutchmen is a San Francisco-based band that originally existed from 1991 to 1997. After a personnel change, the band became The Holdouts. The Dutchmen were dormant until 2001 when original members decided to record (sporadicall)y again. The recording project was completed in 2007 and the new CD, The Other Side, is now available. The band has no current plans to play live at this time as members live in Mill Valley, Petaluma, Honolulu, Santa Fe, and Ann Arbor. All of the former band members (save one) are currently involved in other musical projects and their websites can be found on Myspace. The band began in 1991, when former Matchheads, Robert Mason (also known as Mansfield Sharpe and Bob Mason) and Dan Garcia hooked up with lead guitarist Don Zimmer and put together the Flying Dutchmen.

This band evolved from a cover band into an originals group that recorded two CDs. Don had never played in a group before and brought in a considerable amount of talent and enthusiasm into the group. Bass player Dave Coltrera rounded out the original lineup. However, Dave left the band when he was offered a position in a blues band that offered more live work. The Dutchmen played many successful club gigs and parties and generally built a reputation as a fine live party band. In 1992, the Flying Dutchmen recorded their first CD with tunes mostly written by Dan (during the 1986-1992). The disc was not genre-specific and included a mix of rock, surf, country, folk, post-punk, and pop. The CD was recorded and mixed in a little over a month and was well received by those who heard it. Buddy Saleman engineered the sessions for this CD. The band played many memorable shows to packed houses at Mick's Bar in the Marina (SF). Bassist Rich Rickman, a fine musician and composer, joined the band in October, 1993, and added a great deal of spirit to the band. The Dutchmen commenced recording another CD in early 1994, which took two years to start and finish. 18 songs were recorded including originals from Dan, Rich and Don.. Buddy also engineered this project as well.

The band continued to gig but a schism started to develop. Don and Rich favored more rootsy and jamband music while Dan and Robert had more leanings towards rock. There were no hard feelings or any ego problems but Dan left the band in 1996 due to flagging interest. The band changed its name to The Holdouts and released a CD of songs mostly written by Don and Rich. Dan left one song in the project, "Outbound Line" which was sung by Robert. Dan took his other songs, "Ain't It So", "Robert Johnson's Crossroads", "Down and In", "First Class Ticket", "Racing with the Reaper", and "April Nights" and printed up his own mini-LP, "Seven Before The Mast". Copies of this are available. Mansfield left the Holdouts a few months later in the fall of 1996. However, one year later, a German company, TAXIM, picked up the Holdouts CD and distributed it throughout Europe. It even got a good review in the German version of Rolling Stone! A translation is provided: German Rolling Stone Nr. 11 November 199708-80-SAFR 9.50 LIT 14.000 (Bruce Springsteen is on the cover) Page 112 The Holdouts call the music on their debut LP, “Moon Over Bolinas” Psychedelic Surfabilly. Whoever doesn’t understand that should imagine/paint a picture of a fusion ensemble composed f Duane Eddy or Even Beau Brummels and “Man or Astroman” musicians. In short, psychedelic West Coast Pop pairs itself with – twang – with rockabilly and surf sounds.

The authenticity of the music from this trio (which has now grown into a quartet) is guaranteed, and the stamp of approval: The Holdouts are from San Francisco. And even though one is inspired by all the guitar euphoria, don’t forget that songwriting is also good. Result: Hooks and riffs that shows first class craftsmanship. THE HOLDOUTS Don and Rich continued the Holdouts with Pete Ferdinand and Maurice Nasmeh and recorded Turquoise to Jasmine in 1998-1999. Don followed this up with his first solo CD Two Dogs Trading Post in 2001.