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"With their 3rd album in the 3 years frequenting KDUR, this band has become pros at the whole D.I.Y. thing making a lot with a little. They have a great fan-base where in the last couple times playing the local theaters, Hello Dollface has sold-out shows to over 300 people and I honestly cannot think of too many bands that have regularly sold-out performances at…any venue. It is one of those things you walk out and go 'my God where did all these people come from?'" 

September 2012 
Bryant Ligget 
Station Manager 
KDUR 91.9 93.9 college radio 



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 ""Two years, two independent releases on i-tunes (No Empty Pages EP April 2010, Speaker Door LP October 2011), and 31 original songs later, this female fronted, 4 piece Indie-Soul project is back in the studio with their most impressive sonic repetoire to date. This is an extremely dedicated group of musicians that since their formation in 2010, has been busy racking up an ambitious 150+ shows across their home circuit in the four corners, touring cities across Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. 

They have most recently graduated into "serious" with their purchase of a tour van and will be touring the Northwestern states upon the release of the new record "Virtue" in early fall of this year. 

As a listener it is difficult to draw a comparison of Hello Dollface with a specific group or genre. Yet, they're definitely on to something and you can't miss them live. This band has the chops and prowess to speak to fans of Zepplin throwing out their cover of "Since I've been Lovin' You" while also reflecting maturity and a promising future in their eclectic collection of original music. 

Big bright clean riffs woven into intricate arrangements take you on a soul-driven revival with a disco-plated rhythm section in what echoes a mashup of reminiscent funk-you throwbacks and flickers the indie festival scene depending on what decade speaks to you. Edwards' bluesy vocals glue the soultry signature sound of HDF and just may own your soul or melt your heart right into Dollface land. 

Independent Artist Management 
-May 2012




Jesse Ogle - Upright & Electric Bass 
Travis Dalenberg - Guitars (multi) 
David Rodriguez - Drums - Live 
Ashley Edwards - Vocal/lyricist/keys




LP Virtue September 2012 
Sounds, Virtue have streaming airplay 

LP Speaker Door October 2011 
Great Wall, Speaker Door, Capital Me have streaming and 

EP No Empty Pages April 2010


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