pro leisure

Pro-Leisure resides in a state of constant evolution yet throws you back to a time when records mattered. Similar to watching a fine Bob Ross episode, one feels peculiarly satisfied after listening to this band either in the earbuds or live. Like any 5 star chef pushing culinary limits, it takes a lot of gumption and creativity to mix all the right ingredients of jam, rock, folk, and a little bluegrass in just the right way such that the product transcends the sum of its parts.

Comprised of talented musicians and friends, Pro Leisure has been delighting audiences for over 10 years. Originally conceived in Marin County California, the group's nomadic adventures have taken them to stages across the globe. The band's recent roots have been planted in the town of Boulder, Colorado where they have been seen gracing the stages of the Fox Theater, and Boulder Theater and at many house parties.

Pro-Leisure will get you rockin' to their funky grooves and grab your attention with their semi-sensational improv lyrics. Various members of the band have been fortunate enough to perform with great artists such as; Bob Weir, Mark Karan, Jeff Chimenti, Rob Wasserman, Stu Allen, Barry Sless, Billy Nershi, Tom Marshall, Nick Forster and Dave Grusin. Pro-Leisure will put on a show you won't forget and's not just a's a LIFESTYLE!

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